TransVision 2010 Presentation by David Orban

TransVision 2010 Presentation by David Orban

Free to Be Human: the Coming Machine Revolution and Our New Role in the World

The majority of the researchers in the field of artificial intelligence agree that sooner or later we will be able to create systems that are as intelligent as humans, or more. What is our role going to be in a world where white collar work is commoditized, after the mechanization of agriculture, and of industry?

How will we organize our lives at the level of the individual, and that of society? The challenges of intermediate systems that are around the corner, from robotic cars, to 3D printing and manufacturing, to the Internet of Things, give us a glimpse of the immense task of adaptation we have in front of us.

David Orban David Orban is an entrepreneur and visionary. He is a former Chairman of Humanity+, Advisor of the Singularity University, a Founder of WideTag, Inc., a high technology start-up company providing the infrastructure for an open Internet of Things.

TransVision 2010 is a global transhumanist conference and community convention. The event will take place on October 22, 23 and 24, 2010 in Milan, Italy with many options for remote online access.

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