Location: Sala Carmagnola of the Hotel dei Cavalieri in Milano

Date: October 22-24, 2010

See also the list of TransVision 2010 speakers.

3pm-4.30pm Friday October 22, afternoon session 1

Introduction: Giulio Prisco
Riccardo Campa – The Transhumanist Movement: a Sociological Overview
Stefano Vaj – The mission of transhumanism
Khannea Suntzu and Simon Deering – The long history of the terasem l4 space colony
Francesco Verso – How Transhumanism entered my novels and changed my life

5pm-7pm Friday October 22, afternoon session 2

Graziano Cecchini – Action, speed, technology, creativity, communication
Roberto Guerra – Toward Scientific Futurism
Antonio Saccoccio – The new artists in the age of electronic media
Vitaliano Teti – VideoArt&Dance

9am-11am Satuday October 23, morning session 1

Aubrey De Grey – SENS and SENS Foundation: recent progress
Max More – The Expanded Self: The Past, Present, and Future of Being You
Martine Rothblatt – Brains are to Minds as Birds are to Flight

11.30am-1.30pm Saturday October 23, morning session 2
Giuseppe Vatinno – Transhumanism -A new philosophy for the XXI century’s Man
David Orban – Free to Be Human: the Coming Machine Revolution and Our New Role in the World
Giulio Prisco – Online conferences 2.0
Emanuele Ratti – Why Transhumanism must be Nietzschean

3pm-4.30pm Saturday October 23, afternoon session 1

David Styles – A new development in cryonics standby, stabilisation, and transport capabilities in Europe
Mike Treder – Are we in the future yet?
Domenico Dodaro – Strong AI

5pm-7.30pm, Saturday October 23, afternoon session 2. Remote talks given via the Teleplace videoconferencing and online collaboration system. See also the teleXLR8 website.

Eugen Leitl – CRYONICS: Understanding Why It Failed
Robert Geraci – The Mythic Power of Transhumanism
Lincoln Cannon – Transfigurism
Natasha Vita-More – The Expectant Automorph: an emergent life of bio-synthetic systems
Suzanne Gildert – Thinking about the hardware of thinking: Can disruptive technologies help us achieve uploading?
Ben Goertzel – A Cosmist Manifesto: Practical Philosophy for the Posthuman Age

8pm Saturday October 23, conference dinner

9am-11am Sunday October 24, morning session 1

Pier Luigi Capucci – Humanity and Beyond: The Third Life
Marta Rossi and Jacopo Tagliabue – The law in the time of Singularity
Miriam Ji Sun – Technology, Tranhumanism, Tidiness and Transgression
Dan Massey – A new way of living

11.30am-1.30pm Sunday October 24, morning session 2

Roberto Marchesini – The relationship between man and technology
David Pearce – Fostering Post-Darwinian Life – The case for paradise-engineering
Anders Sandberg – Thermodynamics of advanced civilizations: living in a unsustainable universe
Remi Sussan – Hacking religion

3pm-5pm Sunday October 24, afternoon session

Francesco Monico – Extra Gender Perspective: Beyond Humankind Cultural Narcissism, a draft proposal
Giulia Borghini – Polytopia Project
Randal A. Koene – I am a 25 Watt bio-computer. What are the hacks that make us who we are?
Remote talk by Fiorella Terenzi – Principia Universali: Unchangeable and immutable laws of our Universe
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