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TransVision 2010 Presentation by Natasha Vita-More

TransVision 2010 Presentation by Natasha Vita-More

The Expectant Automorph: an emergent life of bio-synthetic systems

The AUTOMORPH project was developed in 1997 as a self-actualized morphing of physiology in an attempt to reduce cellular damage and increase neuroplasticity. This project steered away from cyborgnization of the human and leaned toward a different aesthetic — that of life prolongation. In recent years, the genesis of human enhancement interfacing with emerging technologies has had an affect on its ecomorphology. AUTOMORPH is one project that views human physiology as a relationship between the individual’s environment and behaviors with her/his morphological adaptations. This morphology reflects how physiology could correlate with the functional use of space and time. What variation-niche might we inhabit? What might it look like? Developments in human enhancement technologies (NBIC+) are providing designers with insights into the properties of living and synthetic systems. These insights are positioned to revolutionize the architecture of life prolongation.

Natasha Vita-More Natasha Vita-More, Ph.D. researcher, University of Plymouth, is a theorist and media designer and visiting lecturer at academic institutions such as Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Applied Sciences, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Centre Interuniversitaire des Arts Médiatiques, University of Quebec, and other learning intuitions such as Metanexus Institute, American Philosophical Association, Sala Parallo, Trondehim Festival, Pecci Museum, SESCE Brazil, and Lisbon Arte e Ciência Cordoaria, and Russia’s National Centre for Contemporary Arts. Vita-More is best known for “Primo Posthuman” future human prototype. Her writings have been published in numerous books, she has appeared in more than twenty-four televised documentaries, and featured in magazines including The New York Times, Wired, Village Voice, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, U.S. News & World Report, Net Business, and Teleopolis. Vita-More is the author of the Transhuman Statement (1983), producer and host of “Transcentury Update” (1987-1994), and the founder of Transhumanists Arts, Sciences & Culture (1991) and H+ Lab (2005). As the former President of Extropy Institute (2002-2005), she is currently on the Board of Directors for Humanity+, Fellow at Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, Advisor of the Singularity University, Lifeboat Foundation, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, and Visiting Scholar at 21st Century Medicine.

TransVision 2010 is a global transhumanist conference and community convention. The event will take place on October 22, 23 and 24, 2010 in Milan, Italy with many options for remote online access.

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