Those who wish to attend TransVision 2010 but cannot come to Milan will have the option to participate remotely in the TVirtual online extension, watch all talks in realtime, and interact with speakers and other participants. TVirtual, hosted by the teleXLR8 project based on the Teleplace online telepresence platform, will be a mixed-reality event similar to the recent ASIM 2010 Conference.

TV10 TVirtual

TVirtual tickets are available at a very reduced price.

If you choose to attend TVirtual, you will be able to watch all talks, see and talk to speakers and other participants, and attend special telepresence sessions during, before and after the conference. In the pictures above, a TV10 planning session and several TransVision 2010 speakers giving talks in Teleplace at recent events. Please see the teleXLR8 website for full video coverage of recent transhumanist talks.

For a more detailed description of the objectives of our online events program, see our mini-manifesto Telepresence Education for a Smarter World on the IEET site and the interview MIND and MAN: Getting Mental with Giulio Prisco, by Natasha Vita-More, on H+ Magazine. See also teleXLR8 Project News – a telepresence community for cultural acceleration.

TransVision 2006 was one of the first conferences (perhaps the first) to offer a parallel virtual conference with a two-way interactive “mixed reality” interface between the real and virtual conference venues (picture below). TransVision 2010 will offer a more robust and professional implementation of the same concept, based on the advances in telepresence technology of the last four years (which is a long time for fast developing technologies).

TV06 Virtual


TransVision is the Transhumanist Conference and Community Convention - Reloaded!

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