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See the teleXLR8 website for descriptions and videos of previous transhumanist events organized in Teleplace.


Teleplace is a powerful 3D videoconferencing environment for MS Windows and Mac OSX systems, where multiple participants can stream their webcam video to an interactive 3D online meeting area and workspace. The virtual 3D space permits effectively organizing the work areas and creates the impression of “being there”, which is fundamental for effective remote collaboration.

Teleplace is a light and easy to use application which integrates powerful features such as:

  • Multiple videoconferencing with VoIP and webcam chat
  • Remote screen sharing
  • Integrated shared web browser
  • Interactive shared whiteboards
  • Easy import of images, video files, PDF files, 3D models and office documents from the desktop
  • Interactive collaborative editing of office documents in MS Office and Open Office formats
  • Powerful meeting and session management features
  • Sessions can be recorded and/or streamed out (webcast)
  • Integrated scripting API

The workflow in a typical Teleplace can be structured, for example in managed e-learning classes with pre-integrated material (text, PDF, documents, video, 3D models…) to be communicated to the students, or rapid and spontaneous, for example in brainstorming meetings where all participants add and change material. Teleplace comes with several standard modifiable templates which permit creating new workspaces, like those shown in the pictures, with a few clicks. It is also possible to create entirely new templates with standard 3D modelling tools, and integrating them in Teleplace.

A Teleplace work session is fully integrated with the Web. By using the integrated Web browsers, participants can co-navigate Web sites and work with document archives and editing systems like Google Docs. A Teleplace workspace can have its own associated Web page with meeting schedules, agendas and presence monitoring.

Powerful session management features make Teleplace uniquely suitable for seminars, conferences and 3D e-learning (v-learning) applications.

See the Teleplace page at teleXLR8 for more information.


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