TransVision 2010 Presentation by Antonio Saccoccio

TransVision 2010 Presentation by Antonio Saccoccio

The new artists in the age of electronic media

Contemporary people are more and more conditioned by the innovation rate in media, with one advance rapidly following another. To cope with this rapid change it is important to stop and take time to think about the relationships between electronic media and our psyche. The contemporary artist, far from being the Artist with a capital A so hyped in previous centuries, now must constantly try to analyze the impact of the new media on the human sensibility, and explain it to those who do not understand it. In the future, artists may even disappear because everyone may be able, in various ways and to various degrees, to perform this analysis autonomously.

La nuova figura dell’artista nell’epoca dei media elettrici

L’uomo contemporaneo è sempre più condizionato dalla rapidità con cui le innovazioni mediali si susseguono. Per far fronte a questi cambiamenti occorre fermarsi a riflettere e studiare le relazioni tra i vari media elettrici e la nostra psiche. L’artista contemporaneo, lungi dall’essere ancora l’Artista con la A maiuscola tanto celebrato nei secoli scorsi, ha proprio il compito di cercare continuamente di interpretare l’impatto dei nuovi media sulla sensibilità dell’uomo e svelarlo a chi non lo percepisce. In un vicino futuro la figura dell’artista potrebbe scomparire del tutto, poiché ogni individuo sarà in vario modo e in varia misura capace di compiere autonomamente queste analisi.

Antonio Saccoccio Antonio Saccoccio, born in Roma in 1974, is the founder of Net.Futurismo. He is a composer, a writer, and a designer-producer of multimedia performances and A student of Futurist history (Marinetti, Papini, Boccioni, Russolo), he participated in 2009-10 in several events dedicated to the first centenary of the Futurist Manifesto, in Italy and abroad (Roma, Cagliari, Madrid, Torino, Bremen, etc.). His fields of study are the relations between new media and human sensibilities, the dissolution of traditional Art in diffuse, evolved forms of thought and creativity, the new cognitive paradigm and its impact on the education of new generations. Since 2010 he coordinates the Laboratory of Art and Comunication (LAC) of AIT.

TransVision 2010 is a global transhumanist conference and community convention. The event will take place on October 22, 23 and 24, 2010 in Milan, Italy with many options for remote online access.

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